Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Forever21 Spring Haul!

          Heather grey dress $11.80                                                    Navy Pink dress $15.80

           Pink Floral Skirt $15.80                                      Charcoal Skirt $4.80

 Hairband $4.95

   Pink Athletic Bra $13.80                                              Mint Thermo $7.80

 Mint Shades $5.80                                   Mint Necklace $6.16

My first haul post after a few year break! And I went mint-crazy because it's spring! I love spring. Everything just seems so happy and colorful ahaha!

Have a happy Spring/ Summer 2014!! :)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Valentine's Surprise at Big Bear

Matt surprises me with a Valentine's Day weekend at Big Bear. I always wondered where we were going, and he basically just told me to bring clothes and all my (cold/ warm) stuff (he clearly doesn't want me to start guessing).

By the time we arrive there, all the snows melted and the small town looked pretty much dry and cold. Although, there were still ski slopes that are made from artificial snows. We drove all around the town, trying out different cafe and restaurant. The lake still looks beautiful with all the green mountains and blue sky. 

Our cottage isn't far from everything, even though it feels like it's out in the woods. It's called the Tree Top Cottage. It's nice and very comfy, feels like having our own house together lol. It has a nice fireplace, kitchen, dinning room, bathtub, living and bedroom. My most favorite is the jacuzzi :). Our first night, we rented a movie from RedBox called Blue Jasmine. Not sure what didn't worked that made it skipping all throughout the movie, or is it the old DVD player that comes when we rented the cottage lol. They also provide a complimentary Chardonnay although Matt and I don't drink wine.

On our 2nd day (Valentines night), we played scrabble and surprises me with a delicious rose chocolate cake he got from William- Sonoma. We Take The Cake. He is so sweet and I love him :)

We also walked around the quiet neighborhood and seeing all these expensive houses and cottages surrounded with big tall pine trees. It sure is a very beautiful little town.

We also went to see the wild animals at Big Bear Alpine Zoo. All the animals are placed there for rehabilitation. We would sometimes make fun of these amazing animals and seeing how lazy and pampered they are haha. My favorite shot is this Bald Eagle. He looks a little meanie lol.

It was a nice short stay but we had a lot of fun. The place was really nice and definitely gonna go back again!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Friday, January 3, 2014

Big Bear and Festival of Lights

Welcome to my blog! And welcome 2014!

How was everyone? How was your New Year? Wish everything went all well. :)

I was on a holiday in Big Bear Lake California with Matt, and after spending a day pretty much watching the ducks swim in the lake heheh! we came down to see the Festival of Lights (as what we exactly did on a holiday a year ago). It was fun seeing festivities. I miss Christmas. It just went by so fast. 

Well, enjoy the pictures! :)

Jaspers Smokehouse - The best BBQ steakhouse evah! Thnx Yelp!

And here are the pictures I took in old town Riverside. They always do the Festival of Lights every Christmas holidays. There were lights everywhere, people caroling, loud music, antique shops, ice skating rink, and hmm hmm delicious donuts and hot choco!

(Don't you just love the snows falling in my blog? ~_^)


Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Dior Blog Giveaway Winner!

Introducing Dior Addict Be Iconic sample set. In this beauty box, you'll get:

Dior Addict Eau De Toilette 5ml (0.17fl oz)
Dior Addict Lipstick 1.4g (0.04 oz)

a charming silver bracelet with bows, pearls, star, and Christian Dior logo


Thank you ALL SO MUCH for making this blog giveaway a success! It was hard to choose the winner because everyone deserves the prize. The winner was chosen based from the total number of entries. There are these amazing people I wanted to have a special mention before I announce the winner. 

Amy Orvin
Bebe Arrz
Bhavani Sekar
Bianca Rogoveanu
Carla Antognoni
Carmen Rossi
Catalina Caballero
Cecilia Valenti
cherie montorio
Chiara :)
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Shweta Manohar
Silvia Mihaela
Sofia Gni
Stephanie Jones
Sweet Sherley
Tammy Zhong
Tiana Ba
Tina Renee Barker
Trillina Palemi

Happy 2014!! ^__^v

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